We wrote this guide so that you know what can and can’t go into a MOOOvable Dumpster. Our rules are dictated by EPA rules and regulations along with rules from our landfills. If there are any doubts, please discuss what you are disposing of with MOOOvable personnel. This way there will be no confusion or excess fees.

MOOOvable Dumpsters Accepts Many Types of Waste!


MOOOvable accepts all types of furniture. From bedroom sets, mattresses, tables, chairs, couches, desks, and much more. If you call it household furniture, we call it disposable.


Trees, branches, leaves, grass clippings, mulch, and much more. We accept almost all types of yard debris.

Non-Approved Yard Waste

  • Dirt with hazardous chemicals
  • Large tree trunks – We can offer separate services to haul off large trees
  • Large amounts of rocks or stones


Phones, computers, printers and many other electronics are accepted. If large quantities of electronics like office cleanouts need to be disposed, there will be some additional fees for e-waste costs.


There is plenty of waste to dispose of during a house remodel. Whether a single room flooring job or a whole house job, MOOOvable accepts almost every part of the job.

  • Siding
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Construction Debris
  • Empty cans of paint and stucco
  • Fans and light fixtures
  • Insulation

Unacceptable Remodeling Debris

  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Full cans of paint or stucco
  • Gas or Diesel Containers


Ready to clean out the extra room or attic in your house? The good news is it can all be thrown in our “Cow Dumpsters.” Toys, clothes, papers, cardboard, and much more.


We accept sheet metal and shingles from roofing projects. Be cautious as the shingles add up quickly in weight. Each of our dumpsters have a weight limit. Any overages will be charged to the credit card on file.


Unfortunately we do not accept large quantities of brick, stone, or asphalt. Our dumpsters are geared more towards the residential market. They are not built or quoted to handle the large, damaging objects. If there are only a few small pieces that need to be thrown away than we may be able to approve. Please discuss with MOOOvable Personnel to obtain permission to throw these objects away without causing an additional disposal fee.


MOOOvable offers separate services for appliance removal. The landfill does not accept any appliances. We have to take a different route of disposal by recycling the appliances. This comes with additional cost. If appliances are found and rejected by the landfill, all additional fees will be billed to the customers credit card.

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