Renting a dumpster for the first time can be intimidating. MOOOvable dumpsters will insure the process is very easy and quickly processed. From call to pick-up of a loaded dumpster, we are there on time and willing to assist will any concerns our customers may have.

How Our Dumpsters are Designed:

Our dumpsters are some of the most user friendly containers in the industry. They feature easy barn style doors that open with ease. The containers are light weight and fit into tighter spots than most of our competitors. Made to load in large and heavy objects in from the back until the floor Is full. You can then throw the smaller items over the sides until the dumpster is level at the top. The dumpsters have 4 feet walls or 6 feet walls depending on the size you select.

Why are MOOOvable Dumpsters so Useful?

Dumpsters are surely underrated in the waste industry. Many businesses and industries could not function without the large scale waste removal capabilities of large metal roll off dumpsters. You may only think of needing them for building new houses but there are many useful ways to get more bang for your buck!

  • Spring Cleaning Projects
  • Fall Cleaning Projects
  • Attic, Garage, Shed, Barn and General House Cleaning
  • Yard Waste
  • Roofing Debris
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel
  • Replacing Windows and Siding
  • Flooded Structure Renovations

STEP 1 – Quote

Send us a “Quick Quote” form or call us direct @ (225)963-9996 to receive a customized quote for your project. Please know the following details to receive an accurate quote for a roll off dumpster rental:

  • Size of Dumpster Required (12yd or 20yd) Availability varies on dumpster stock
  • Rental Duration (3 Day, 7 Day, 30 Day, or Custom)
  • Details of your project and what materials are going into the dumpster
  • Address of Rental Location

STEP 2 – Reserving Your Rental

After agreeing to a custom rental quote, we then need to discuss dumpster delivery and payment terms. In order to reserve a dumpster rental, MOOOvable requires a credit card on file that has the funds to cover the rental costs. MOOOvable will not charge a credit card without proper notification. We will send you the required information forms to fill out or we can send the forms with a driver. The following forms are required:

  • Customer Contact Information
  • Rental Agreement¬†

Both forms are available on our website. CLICK THIS LINK

STEP 3 – Delivery

MOOOvable will contact you when the driver is leaving the lay down yard with a ETA. Have a cleared area where the dumpster is going and no obstructions in the way. The driver will discuss the best place for the dumpster to be set and insure it is as close as possible to your job site. If unit is going to be placed on dirt or grass, the ground has to be dry to ensure no damage to area is done and the vehicle does not become stuck.

12yd Dumpster Rental Praireville, LA

STEP 4 – Filling the Dumpster

Here comes the fun part! Have your job planned out for the duration of your rental. If something happens and you need the rental prolonged, there is a small daily fee that will be pre-charged for every extra day that you need the dumpster. Start by loading the dumpster with heavy or large items from the back doors until the floor space is depleted. At that point any items remaining can be thrown over the sides unit the roll off dumpster is full.

*REMEMBER* The load limit is the top rail of the dumpsters. If dumpster is overloaded, MOOOvable will not pick up until the excess debris is removed. MOOOvable will charge all associated fees until rental is picked up.

Full 20 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

STEP 5 – Picking Up the Dumpster

The best part has arrived! Watching your clutter disappear forever! MOOOvable will contact you the day of scheduled pick up to make sure the job is complete. If you finish before the rental pick up date and your ready to get it out of the way, call us and we will pick it up early. Again, you will be notified when the driver is on the way and receive an ETA. Ensure nothing is blocking access to the dumpster.

The Boss Picking Up a 20yd Dumpster Rental

STEP 6 – Enjoy Your Clean Space

MOOOvable is honored to be able to serve our community and assist with keeping Louisiana Beautiful. Please let us know if there are any areas that we can improve upon or any new ideas you may have. We don’t ever settle for ok, we will work to be the best. Make sure to tell your friends and family about our service and that you RENTED A COW! Please leave us a review where you found us at.

We sincerely want to thank our customers for the support. We are proud to be a small, locally owned business giving everyone in Southeast Louisiana an opportunity to save money in a overpriced industry.