It’s pretty easy to underestimate the amount of junk sitting around…

This industry normally charges by the cubic yard of debris removed from your property.

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There are some variances that will affect pricing

  • Type of debris -Heavy, compact debris like Sheetrock and shingles will take more labor & weigh more per cubic yard than bulky items like furniture
  • Additional Labor -Having your junk piled up close to the road will ensure no additional labor is needed to load and haul debris. Most jobs fall under our standard bulk pricing.

How to estimate what I will pay

  • Our bulk junk rate is per 3 cubic yards. That equals the bed of a full size pickup truck for estimating purposes
  • A full size kitchen stove is roughly 1 cubic yard
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Examples of unexpected amounts of Junk

This is a 5.5ft x 10ft storage room. The owner estimated about 6 cubic yards in the room

Mooovable filled the 18 cubic yard trailer from that single storage room

This is the cleaned out storage room. Spaces are cleared and swept clean by the MOOO Crew

ChOOOse the MOOO!

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Overall it can be difficult to estimate the total amount of Junk to be hauled away. Mooovable Junk Removal will get you a price range based upon pictures or onsite visits and will never go above estimates without explaining the reasons beforehand.

Support your local MOOO Crew and you will be udderly impressed!