Affordable Junk Removal

If you have a pile of yard waste or other unwanted items on your property, then we can help. Our professional team provides junk removal and hauling at an affordable price. Whether you’re moving, decluttering or you have construction debris, we can remove it all. We are fully-insured and can take away your unwanted items quickly and efficiently.

When you have junk piling up on your home or business property, it can become a real problem. Excess waste creates an eyesore and provides a place for pests like rodents and insects. You may even get complaints from the neighbors. Before that happens, just give us a call. We can provide you with a free estimate, and we practice responsible disposal.

We can take your unwanted trash away whether it’s scrap metal, electronic waste or furniture. Our process is to recycle and donate what we can first to keep your items from going into landfill. Our company supports eco-friendly methods whenever it’s possible, so you can feel good about hiring us. When you hire us, there’s no need for you to rent a dumpster. We take it all away, so you can enjoy your property again.

Whether you have 1 item in your yard that your trash service will not pick up, or a huge pile of junk that keeps growing, Mooovable is here to help! Please Contact Us to receive accurate pricing and availability.

MOOOvable Industries LLC is Licensed and Insured to protect your investments and our reputation! 

Transparent and Honest Pricing

All of our prices are posted on our website to give you an idea of the cost associated with junk removal service. No hidden fees or taxes! The only variables will be additional labor time and location of your property, and our staff will give you very close estimates before the job begins. Click Here for Pricing

2 Different Pricing Structures

  • Price per item- We created an extensive list of items that we remove on a regular basis. The items are calculated on cubic inches and priced accordingly. This option is great for bulky items like furniture, appliances, mattresses etc.
  • Bulk Trash Pricing- Most jobs contain MANY small, random pieces of junk. This would be difficult to price based upon each individual product. For this we offer bulk pricing by the Cubic Yard. We are able to give you a rough estimate upon looking at the job in person. After Mooovable employees load up the dumpster, you will then be charged based upon how full the container is in 3 cu. yd. increments.

Recycling Items

There’s nothing we want more than to reduce landfill waste! We will sort out items that can be recycled locally.

Donating Items

Have you ever seen someone’s face light up when they receive items that they could never afford or have been needing for a long time? It’s an amazing, humbling experience that we do each time a opportunity exist. Furniture and clothing in good condition will be donated to local churches and charities as needed.

Same or Next Day Service, 6 Days a Week

That’s right! We are addicted to exceeding our customers expectations. The best part of being a local, small business is that we make decisions based off of customer reviews and suggestions.  We are always looking to grow and improve our operations. Call us @ (225)963-9996 any you will talk to a local person that knows the industry and the area. No automated phone lines and consistent, reliable communication.

Let us earn your business!