Portable Sink Rentals

*Coming Early 2020*

  • Our portable sink rental features liquid hand soap, hands-free foot pumps, and paper towels which help keep hands clean and germ-free while also conforming to state and locals law requirements
  • Our staff will refill soap, water, and paper towels during each service interval
  • Our portable sink rental is top of the line quality and can accommodate 2 users at a time. Holds 24 gallons of water to support normal hand washing between service intervals.
  • Height: 51.75″ (1314.45mm)
  • Width: 17″ (431.8mm)
  • Length: 28.95″ (735.33mm)
  • Fresh Volume: 24 gal. (90.85L)
  • Waste Volume: 24 gal. (90.85L)

This portable wash station rental is perfect for a variety of events and projects, ranging from:

  • State Fairs, Parades, and Carnivals where a portable sink rental can be set up outside restroom facilities and also near food stands so people can wash up before eating or preparing food
  • Sporting Events such as outdoor league soccer games, golf tournaments, and more
  • Construction Projects where your crew can clean up before and after utilizing the restroom, eating, and meeting with customers

Perfect addition to any dirty job. Pair a portable sink rental with our Portable Toilet Rentals and Dumpster Rentals

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