After many request, we now offer appliance removal from homes and offices. This service can include uninstallation of appliances, labor to get appliances outside, and transportation and disposal of appliances. MOOOvable recycles all parts that can be recycled. We are ready to submit a custom quote within minutes. The job will be fulfilled by our professional and knowledgeable staff. We carry commercial insurance and are licensed to conduct business in Louisiana.

We have learned over time that it is harder and harder to find easy ways to get rid of old appliances. It doesn’t matter if it is only one appliance that broke and was replaced, or a full kitchen remodel, homeowners are usually losing space to these useless items. Good luck getting your normal waste removal company to pick them up. They normally won’t accept an extra bag of trash outside of your trash can, much less a large bulky appliance. Taking them to a scrap yard is an option, but extra steps will need to be taken for refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioner units. Appliances take up lots of extra space at landfills where they are often refused because they can leak poisons into the environment, which is why we recommend responsible recycling.


Under U.S. Law, all refrigerant in these appliances must be recovered by approved equipment and stored in approved recovery containers. Along with refrigerant, there will also be a small amount of oil. The oil will need to be drained and disposed of responsibly. Due to the high pressures of refrigerant and EPA Laws, it is recommended that only qualified personnel perform these tasks. Not to mention these units are normally very heavy and need multiple persons to maneuver them around safely.

MOOOvable has employees on staff that have passed all requirements and obtained an EPA Refrigerant Certification. This means we are licensed to purchase and handle refrigerant safely. This also means we take full responsibility for handling refrigerant in accordance to EPA laws. MOOOvable seeks to do our part to protect our planet’s ozone from harmful refrigerant vapors.





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